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OxDevice are specialists in developing devices for endovascular & neurovascular intervention. We bring to our customers innovative tools to better design and implant vascular medical devices.

Some examples of our work:

  • Neurovascular Delivery System – Concept design, development, and manufacturing of a neurovascular stent delivery system
  • Embolic Filter – To design and develop an endovascular embolic filter and its delivery system for use during TAVR (endovascular heart valve replacement)
  • Delivery System – Design and development of an endovascular sensor delivery system to deliver an implantable sensor from an insertion point in the groin (femoral vein), through the heart and into the pulmonary artery

We also produce detailed vascular models by segmenting your CT data and 3D printing in rigid or flexible materials. These can then be hooked up to our advanced pulse duplicator flow circuits for accurate simulation of real-world conditions.